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Why we love roller derby!

Wondering why we all love our crazy sport so much? A little while ago I asked some MKRD members to tell me, in one sentence, what they love about roller derby.

"The best people I have ever met"

Nutz n Voltz (MKRD Head NSO)

"It's got the grace and skill of skating with the full contact buzz of rugby."

Sasquadch (Quads of War)

"I never enjoyed sport in my life before discovering roller derby"

Hurt Nouveau (Captain, Concrete Cows)

"I don't have to try and be like anyone else to be good at roller derby. I am who I am, and that is valuable to my team. It's made me more comfortable in my own skin, and push myself to be better, but always unapologetically 'me'."

Claudia Face-off (Vice Captain, Concrete Cows)

"The most welcoming people, who don't judge you...and skating is gorgeous and graceful."

Kookie Kat (Concrete Cows)

"I can't capture what it means to me in one sentence without using a lot of conjunctions because it has made me such a more vibrant person than I thought I could be and really boosted my confidence, as well as letting me meet some remarkable people to share a love for such a fantastic sport!"

Cool Nickname (Concrete Cows)

"I love roller skating, sports, being part of a team, and working together to build something great; doing all this in a context built from the ground up by and for women -- especially those who actively or subtly reject cultural norms -- is the absolute best way I can think of to spend my days. And nights. And weekends."

The Valkyrie (ex Captain, Concrete Cows, now skater for London Roller Girls)

"I love roller derby because it's made me want to be myself, plus like glitter and stuff."

Mugsnkisses (Quads of War)

"I love roller derby because it teaches you to get back up every time you fall!!"

Lornatic (Concrete Cows)

"I love roller derby because I've met some amazing people who've encouraged me to work hard to become the person that I want to be."

Ruby (Fresh Meat)

"I love the feeling of overcoming the physical and mental challenges involved, I love my league and spending time with everyone."

Cat Clash (Concrete Cows)

"I'm accepted for who I am, I'm praised for what my body can do. I've met some of the most amazing people, also witnessed some amazing moments watching and playing this sport."

Ablockalypse Pow! (Concrete Cows)

"One sentence, pah ha! Sorry... Roller derby is my therapy. When I skate I forget life outside of derby. I can just be me (a total dork) and feel valued as part of a team. Derby gives me a sense of personal achievement and a confidence in what my body can do. But it is so much more; I am a part of something special, that's greater than the ordinary."

Goldieblocks (Concrete Cows)

"For the first time in my life I'm not ashamed of my body for not being 'feminine' enough, I'm proud of it for being so strong; and I'm driven to get fitter, not thinner."

Over the Painbow (Concrete Cows)

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