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Our officials are a vital part of MKRD, as well as a number of our bouting or trainee skaters  who do double duty as  officials when needed, we also have a few dedicated individuals who have decided only ever to wear grey/stripes.

Roller derby has two kinds of officials:

Non-Skating Officials or 'NSOs'- as the name suggests, no wheely shoes for our friends in grey (or black). These totes profesh people wield clipboards and stopwatches and make sure everything is carefully documented and runs smoothly. They time the jams and and keep track of the score, line ups and penalties.

Referees - refs are our skating officials, often affectionately referred to as zebras because of their black and white stripey shirts.  The referees watch the game closely from both inside and outside the track ready to call penalties. They keep the game safe for everyone involved, as well as making sure the rules are followed and counting points scored. 

MKRD Referees
Deranged Grandad_edited.jpg
#1952 Deranged Grandad
Points Fail'Ya
Turing Tested_edited.jpg
Turing Tested
MKRD Non-Skating Officials
Elf Indulgence (1)_edited.jpg
Elf Indulgence
Hellavator 15_edited.jpg
Demy Gorgon 25_edited.jpg
Ferret Rocher
Nutz N Voltz
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