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Who are MKRD?


Formed in May 2010, Milton Keynes Roller Derby was started by members of Bedfordshire Roller Girls, who wanted to bring roller derby to their local town. We had our first closed door bout in November 2010 and our first public bout away in September 2011.


In late 2011, we decided that local leagues would benefit from a competitive tournament, to provide a structure for growth and an organising principle for creating our own strong pool of skaters, referees and NSO’s. As such, we created the End of The World Series, with 5 local friendly leagues. Our first ever public home bout was the first game in the Series, in February 2012. We were undefeated in the Series in 2012 and won the tournament on the Final Day in November 2012.


In 2013 we competed again in the Heartland Series, finishing joint third. We stayed heavily involved in the organisation of the tournament and The Heartland Series has since evolved to become British Championships- Europe’s largest Inter-league Roller Derby tournament, with both womens’ and mens’ divisions.


In late 2012 we started a mens’ team, The Quads of War, made up of existing male skaters already in the league, and male skaters from surrounding regions who were looking to play roller derby. Their first bout was in February 2013 and they competed in the Men’s European Roller Derby Championships in July 2013. Quads competed in British Champs in 2014 and 2015. They re-branded as The Brazen Bulls in 2022.


Our womens' B Team (The Udder Team) were formed in 2014  to give up and coming skaters a chance to get more gameplay experience before graduating to a place on the A Team. The Udders have organised and taken part in several tournaments and open door games. 


We promote a positive, welcoming atmosphere, built on growth and development, to allow skaters to unlock their potential and be the best they can be. During our startup process, we benefitted from the kindness and experience of Bedfordshire Roller Girls and Cambridge RollerBillies, and we look to expend this assistance and pass on our experience to new leagues, to develop a healthy roller derby community. 


We have supported local and international charities and community events, running the Race for Life, supporting the Midnight Moo for Willen Hospice and holding charity bouts in support of The Moldova Project, supporting orphanages in Moldova; and The Chilterns MS Centre, supporting MS patients in Buckinghamshire. 

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